UPDATES CONTINUE:- Right then..we are into December - and we all know what that is about..Family, Christmas parties, trying to sort out who is bringing what - to the family celebration lunch/dinner not to mention what to buy the kids - grand kids, all and sundry who deserve a gift of appreciation for whatever done/not done during the past year....Who will be offended, do I really care at this point in time?  Do you really have to play the game of "Xmas" when it is absolutely a pain in the you know where.  So we sort out the meal stuff for Christmas day - who is going where - in laws for Lunch, Outlaws for Dinner.

  I think I go through all these thoughts, feelings every year at Xmas - BUT as it gets closer I do get excited - make sure I'm organised.....and Wholla! it always comes together.   I bet I'm not the only one who has the same experience as I do?
So bit by bit I scatter Xmas diddle-daddles around the house

Trying to remember - "Don't overdo it - its all got to go back into storage"

Next on the agenda:- tackle this container of decorations to hang up in Lounge Room

Meanwhile:-  Yep! slowly still sorting - filling bags..
I think I can, I think I can....Have you made any Xmas lists yet?