CHARCOAL DRAWING AT TOWN LIBRARY :- It was fun and informative this is my sample of playing with the charcoal pencils and sticks.  Different ways of adding texture to drawings.....Back to the Library for more learning experiences.  A good number of people attended today.  I was so enthralled in "doing" that I forgot the "taking" but Next week I hope to remember some pics to give you a better idea....I only had my efforts to take photos of.


OK Now for my first effort - can you guess? it is supposed to be a pear?

We were all led along the path of planning out our next a draughtswoman drawing up plans for a house...sort of like guide lines.

TA-DA...and here is my efforts.  Not too bad I reckon, as I had never done anything like this before.  Had trouble with the Poles - sort of wobblier than the fence posts - tried to keep them vertical to give the impression of perspective. Think that is what the teacher said..
I had a few laughs, enjoyed the experience and got dirty all over.  That charcoal stuff gets everywhere....don't scratch your face when playing with it - you end up with black all over..