Have you ever had one of those moments when "Wham" Oh! bugger, what have I hit, backed into....Well it is a heart racing experience.  After hitting brakes severely hard...sit for a bit...get out of car (funny how you look around before looking at damage??Human thing "who is looking") See damage - talk yourself into well that's not too bad - knowing any damage is going to cost $'ssss  Then contemplate the telling of how the "damage occurred"

I'm going inside - don't even try to ask for my help!

I am not saying a word -  right !  no way am I dictating , writing or even signing a witness statement.  I was not a distraction!! It was NOT my fault...

Ok - best thing I can do at this point in time - cook favorite meal - silverside,  cauliflower, veggies and the magic of white sauce.....hope that does the trick!!! Make Hubbie happy - plead my innocence and blame the dog....After all, he cant really talk LOL

Better ring the fix-it man - put on my blond wig - throw myself on his mercy - plead silly, mistake backing up problem to see if I can get it fixed ASAP.    Then relax in MLR because when I Look at my bingle, it is not such a big deal - I am still mobile - cheers

bingle it really is not such a drama             

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