Grand incentives offered by the local Council for the month of November.   It is free of charge and offers a trial in each of the courses.  They are being held in our Town Library (which I love)

I was very excited..rushed to the phone and immediately  put my name down for Pilates and Charcoal Drawing..  So I have attended the Pilates one and it was very interesting.  There were 20 ladies with their names down, but only 13 turned up - Oh! well! win some loose some.  If the pains in my body are any indication to the "gentle introduction" to Pilates, I am in desperate need of exercise.  I must confess I hate walking.  I have attended water aerobics before and even though I could feel the strain in my body, I enjoyed it.  Might think seriously about that again.
This is inside our Library - just some of the spaces  - this was early (they open at 9.30am) but normally the computer section in the background is full of people on the internet...We have a big backpacking population  in town and they find this library useful and friendly.

So whilst at the Library on Thursday, I put my name down for Basic Ukulele.  When I told Daughter in Canberra her reaction was "Ah! Mum, do we have to listen to Ukulele plucking when we come home at Xmas"....Don't think I will be that good.  Might buy some ear plugs to put with her Chrissie Pressies as a joke....Or really make an effort to learn some plucking...LOL                                                                
Now I know what it looks like and it has 4 strings (photo compliments internet) I should go back to Google and do some homework.  Thats if I really want to be serious and have ear plugs put to good use.....LOL   Cheers for now,  will keep you posted....next visit to Library will be for Charcoal drawing - wonder how that will go?     I guess my hands will be covered in black.  I am heavy handed, so must remember to take wet wipes...

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