And here is the outside view of our Library....that I am visiting throughout the month of November.  I am getting a taste of various hobbies, pastimes - learning new stuff....Oh!!! and I am sure I have mentioned "I love the Library??"                          

Today it is the Ukuleles turn to enthral me, so here we go:-   Tips of fingers sore...brain twisted....and that's only learning 3 chords/notes?  The teacher is Peter, a well known local identity, who is very patience and encouraging.  His wife Lucy, also well known, is here to help with learning - and I am very glad she is sitting next to me, boy do I need guidance....Both of them keep reassuring all of us, with practice, it gets easier .  They have ukeleles that you can take home to practice on, for a token fee of $4 for the week I should have no excuses next week, other than blood is dripping out of the tips of my fingers...LOL
Now girls and boys, hold your instrument close - aim it up high - and here we go:- C   G   C   C7  F- Hanged if i can get that G note - 3 fingers tripping over each other, getting tangled.  So I try to read the sheet with music and words to the song we are playing, printed clearly - the other guys are clever  they can sing and play - I'm so busy looking to see where I have to put my fingers and then back at guide sheet, I can't open my mouth! Very unusual for me.  Just goes to show I am really, really concentrating. 

See the Ukulele on the table on the RHS that is me, vacating my spot to take photos - that seem to be a bit rushed and blurry - I hope you get the picture.....LOL