ANNOUNCEMENT....................RV SUE & CREW will be celebrating a special occasion. ......

Can u believe it's that time again ??

YEP! Sue is having a special day..

Sue & crews blog was my 1st introduction into the blogging world.  I ended up reading her blog from the very beginning.  Then became game enough to leave comments from Australia. ..always answered, which thrilled me no end.

I still read every one of  the crew's blogs - and now Sue has so manny comments it is hard to get a leg in...LOL So to speak

I have since started my own blog...but am spasmodic in keeping it up, it doesn't deture me from reading & commenting on other blogs. ...

BUT this is about Sue and the countless joy she gives us all...

SO lets raise our glasses, and wish a very happy birthday to SUE......XXXX

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