Lucky me....My daughter gave me a Gift Certificate for my Birthday....Wow! too generous Gai, Mike and Sean....but I will do my best to spend it..So onto the computer..order up big.  I have purchased tiles from this shop before and they are super quick with orders and have a vast array of colours and tiles... CHECK THEM OUT HERE...CLICK
I have been experimenting so far on little and medium size tiles.  I find them far too heavy when they have the tiles stuck down and grouted.

Learning to cut curves and fit it all together...

Not really sure about this fish...Ah! well I will grout it as is and see how it turns out

Up early to grout as the pieces are adding up and need to be finished.  The weather is still hot, I grout outside (it's messie) so early is best before it warms up Then I shift them into shade - if they dry out to quick,  it is not good for the grout...(which is a cement mix actually) .  I was daring this morning....wanted to try some colour in the mix, and as I have some paints left from my Folkart painting days...I squeezed some green into the grout.  I think it will dry lighter than the pic.

I reckon Gai is right when she said, "Mum, I think you enjoy the designing more than the grouting".  I was in town the other day and went to the hardware store to get a sheet of marine ply wood to use instead of tiles.  I read about it on the WWW Google book.  The young chap was good enough to cut it into sizes for me.  Wacko!!!! proper backing...need to get serious now.  All set waiting for tile order to arrive.   Working myself into an excited frenzy here.....

See Ya!!!