Son in Law has been looking around for a loader thingie to 

 use on his property in Canberra....and whilst visiting here 

saw this advertised in the local paper....Yep! that will do the

trick....So Hubbie has been working on it before arranging 

transport to Canberra First thing he welded a roll-over 

bar to protect the driver....then fixed up axles with grease 

etc....loads of painted....I know he was filthy  for 

a good couple of weeks working on this loader.

HI! HO!...AWAY WE GO.......All fixed up ready for trip
Looking good, spick and span all relaxed and chained down for a trip down the Highway to new home in Canberra.

So from here to there - safely.  Let the fun begin - S.I.L will have anxious moments learning how to:  shift dirt and rocks from here to there and back again.....cart wood in the bucket from paddock to shed...the list is endless.  Boys and their toys - all is good and the loader is happy in its new environment.  

P.S. this Loader story has been sitting in my draft hiding away - I had uploaded the pics but needed to add story....Hope you find it interesting......