During the course of investigating water aerobics...(will get around to that - maybe in February.)  I came across the Library Site, and Yippeee! they are having courses againI have chosen two to attend:-
1.     Mosaic Tiling - every Thursday for the Month of January
2.     Photography - every Tuesday for the Month of January   

They are also offering A.-Card Making - Monday  B.- Tai Chi - Wednesday   C.-Line Dancing - Friday
I have attended my first class and decided to construct something useful.....So a house number it is.  Never having done anything like this before I thought it best to start easy and small.....So you cut the tiles and stick them to a larger tile....grouting will come later (stay tuned)
Sadly there are only three ladies here for the first lesson....more help for us, from our teacher....Wonder if others will take advantage of this great opportunity, and turn up next week?

This Lady is very brave - I am assured I may be able to put a flower somewhere around my number 20 - we shall see.....all interesting, step by careful steps......

Heather has decided to do a house number also......hers is a safe number 2.  

Above - bottom tile is mine with green border laid and numbers ready to assemble....
These are samples, compliments of the Internet....there are loads of samples there - all spectacular.