My interest and attention was recently grabbed by  bloggers Kevin and Ruth along with George when they mentioned Maple Syrup.    Read about it here HOW MAPLE SYRUP COMES TO OUR TABLES..
And George drove past some trees that had buckets attached to them

CLICK BELOW:-  GEORGE & SUZIE'S SITE...Thanks for the Pic..George - Hope you don't mind...

Or perhaps they weren't buckets at a second look LOL - Bit like taping rubber trees Eh!

So on my last visit to the Grocery Store....eagle eyes found I had never tasted it - It was time...I had heard about Maple syrup and pancakes. 

Taste test--- It is like what we call treacle.  Seems very runny and thin - It was on special for AUS$8.75.  I only tasted on a spoon so really have to do the pancake thing.

So I guess it all comes down to tastes we were raised on and became used to.  Take Aussie Vegemite.....We all had it as babies on toast...grew up with it....take it overseas with us. LOL - I know for sure you can get it in New Zealand, and probable other countries as well....
No Aussie household is without a jar of Vegemite....I have it mostly for Breakie on toast - and sometimes with cheese as well....Overseas visitors think it is vile, and pull some funny faces when asked to taste it....There you go.  I learnt something about where and how Maple syrup  evolves from.....Thank you Bloggers - I am forever learning - and THATS A GOOD THING....

see ya!!!!